5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Two-Post Car Lift


How much does a 2-post car lift weigh? Basically, a two-post lift is a platform with four telescoping swing arms that hold up the weight of a vehicle. Typically, they have a 2,250-lb. per arm capacity, but that is only 25 percent of the total capacity. This is why you should not buy a car lift based on its overall capacity. Rather, go by the amount of weight that the lift can actually support.

10 000 lb capacity

The Quality Lifts XPR-10S 2-Post Car Lift has a full advantage 10,000-lb capacity and features a 78-1/2" lift height, double telescoping lift pads, and an asymmetric/symmetric design. Its height can be adjusted with the push of a button, and it has a high-gloss powder-coat finish. This lift is not UL-201 certified, but the manufacturer recommends using a Q2P10-certified installer.

The Atlas(r) OH-10X is a commercial-grade, two-post car lift with a ten thousand-pound capacity. Its design is asymmetric, leaving a clear floor beneath it. It also features an automatic cut-off switch and automatic arm restraints. Despite its low price, this commercial-grade lift offers exceptional value and a variety of excellent features. Its asymmetrical long-reach arms are designed to leave more room under the lift, making it convenient to move. Its asymmetrical design allows you to lift even the largest vehicles.

Direct push cylinder system

A direct push cylinder system for a two post car lift weighs less and is easier to install. The cylinder is attached to a carriage and moves up and down inside a column. This system is preferred over other lift styles, such as the chain-over-roller configuration. When the cylinder is in use, the hydraulic fluid is forced through the rod cavity and exerts pressure on the piston, which raises and lowers the vehicle.

Compared to other systems, the BendPak HD-9 Series utilizes a direct push cylinder system. It has a 4-to-1 lifting ratio. It has a compact electro-hydraulic assembly and an electrical panel on the left hand column. The push button control panel is easily mounted and features a mushroom-shaped emergency button. The activation key is also lockable. The two lift systems work together to safely lift and lower vehicles.

Proper lifting points

The two-post car lift comes with a manual or spotting dish to position the vehicle properly. They also have symmetrical lifting posts. Be sure to put the car in park or first gear and secure the rear wheels with wheel chocks before using the lift. Identify the proper lifting points by using the manual or spotting dish. Incorrect positioning of the vehicle may lead to damage. Proper lifting points for a 2 post car lift can be difficult to determine if you are not familiar with the vehicle.

The lifts come with instructions on how to use the adapter pads. If you have a vehicle that has recessed lifting points, the adapters can be useful. Otherwise, you could end up overloading the lift arms. Incorrectly setting the vehicle will cause it to slide off the lift. If you don't know the lifting points of your car, take the time to measure the center of gravity of the vehicle and adjust the lift's height accordingly.

Pre-buy factors

Choosing the correct two-post car lift can be tricky, given the number of suppliers and models on the market. But before you make the purchase, consider these 5 factors:

Cost: While you might be tempted to save money by buying the cheapest two-post car lift you can find, make sure you look for value. The cheapest lift will rarely be the best option. Likewise, the most expensive one isn't always the best choice. Typically, the best car lifts aren't the cheapest ones, but their benefits outweigh the price.

Dannmar XPR-10S

When you're working on your car and want to raise it off the ground, you might be wondering how much a two-post car lift weighs. The Dannmar XPR-10S has a 10,000-lb. lifting capacity, and is perfect for vehicles with exclusive lift points or outer-edge chassis. The lift is 145" high, with 139-3/4" outside columns. It has a 118.5-inch inside column spacing.

If you want an affordable, reliable, and high-quality two-post lift, the Dannmar XPR-10S may be the best option. This model is made with superior engineering and materials for a lower cost. The XPR-Series design features are designed to be durable and easy to maintain. If you're worried about the weight, check out the safety features to make sure the lift will meet your needs.